Tokens Shop

September 9, 2022


Token Shop at Ragnarok

Let me introduce you to tokens, similar to shop points with the difference that they can be earned by completing admin set tasks and they are way more valuable.

This is a one of a kind feature that will allow everyone to obtain that one item or dino that you have been looking for a while, or it will challenge those who are done with the mods and don't know what to do next.
The goal is to keep you entertained and reward you for your effort.

Cool, But how do i get them?

To get Tokens you must Contact an Admin and show them the following items:

1 Zodiac trophy
Will grant you 1000 Tokens

20 Ancients L
Will grant you 500 Tokens

10 uniques L
Will grant you 250 Tokens

Admin tasks
Completing tasks set by an admin will grant you from 100 to 500 Tokens!

Visit the Teleport pad named Community Center at Ragnarok to see the Dinos/Items/Armor/Saddles you can purchase using Tokens!

Useful commands:
use /tokens to see your balance