Halloween build contest winners

November 3, 2022

Halloween build contest winners, Mod changes, and the upcoming events!

Today is the last day of the spooky season and the winners for the build contest have been chosen!

#1 kiekeboo's Twilight Swamp Mansion
#2 Sentinel & Sindel's Abandoned Monastery
#3 Low's Haunted Prision

Check out the Full video here

This Sunday 11/06/22 Automated Ark will be removed (for real this time) so please remove items from all AA storages, fridges etc...

Eco's wonderland will also be replaced for RR Homedeco, this mod has deco, garden, trees and all the decor you could ever need. We are trying to cut down on mods to speed up loading times and improve server performance.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events and don't forget to grab the @Boss-Ping to get notifications!